Our Classes

First Presbyterian Children's Center offers classes for children ages 2 through 5. All of our classes are play-based and provide teacher-planned activities centered around a weekly theme, utilizing Developmentally Appropriate Practice and the Missouri Early Learning Standards. Classes participate in weekly music and movement classes as well as monthly nature lessons through Nature on the Move. Because of our central location in downtown Kirkwood, our classes often enjoy walking field trips around the community. Our indoor and outdoor playgrounds offer opportunities for all classes to receive daily gross motor play time.

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Children playing outside
Amy Hawkins Amy Hawkins
Melisa McPheeters Melisa McPheeters
The Butterfly Class is a Kids Day Out program for two year olds.


The Butterfly Class is a Kids Day Out program for two year olds. This class focuses on socialization and independence skills. The school day is structured much like the other preschool classes in our center, with art projects, story time, music and gross motor time and theme-based activities each week. Class is offered 5 days a week; parents can choose any number or combination of days. Children in this class are not required to be potty trained.
Happy children playing on the playground
Laura Stack Laura Stack
Lesa Williams Lesa Williams
The Bunny Class is for three-year-olds who are potty-trained.


The Bunny Class is for three-year-olds who are potty-trained. Children begin learning colors, numbers, and letters along with developing fine and gross motor skills through games and activities each day. Socialization skills are also a big focus in this classroom. The school day offers plenty of opportunities to explore the classroom as well as visiting learning centers and enjoying circle time.
Children learning
Kimen Brinkley Kimen Brinkley
Amanda Mosely Amanda Mosely
The Duck Class is for students who are 4-5 years old.


The Duck Class is for students who are 4-5 years old. In addition to exploring classroom centers and a variety of activities, children in this class begin recognizing and writing letters and numbers as well as learning to read and write their own name. Daily lessons explore all curriculum areas. Some children move directly from this class to kindergarten. These students receive Pre-K instruction that will prepare them for their kindergarten year. Others in the class who still need another year of preschool will move on to the Bear Room. Children who have late spring/early summer birthdays have the option of attending kindergarten the following year or progressing to the Bear Room.
Children looking cool!
Christie Yust Christie Yust
Mary Ann Curtis Mary Ann Curtis
The Bear class is our Pre-K classroom.


The Bear class is our Pre-K classroom. All students in this class must be 4 by August 1st and planning to attend kindergarten the following year. Curriculum is focused on kindergarten readiness, both socially and academically. Class time is spent exploring learning centers and activities, along with writing letters and numbers, exploring letter sounds, and understanding mathematical concepts. Lessons explore all curriculum areas. Students graduate from this class prepared for kindergarten the following year.

Enrichment Classes

Tuesday Explorers

Children ages 4-5 explore the same theme for an entire month, digging deep into the theme through fun STEAM activities.
Children learning with technology
Laura Janosky Laura Janosky
Mary Ann Curtis Mary Ann Curtis

Duck Enrichment Day

This project-based, student driven class for the Duck students focuses on problem-solving, tinkering, creating, and building.
Children playing and learning
Kimen Brinkley Kimen Brinkley

World Day

Pre-K students learn about various countries of the World, including languages, foods, traditions, and culture in this Thursday enrichment class.
Children learning about crafts
Mary Ann Curtis Mary Ann Curtis
Laura Janosky Laura Janosky


Ladybugs is an extended day option for students 3-5 years old and potty trained. Students eat lunch and enjoy a more unstructured play time until 2:00pm.
Children playing in a water table
Melisa McPheeters Melisa McPheeters
Laura Stack Laura Stack

Music and Movement

Students participate in activities that provide additional motor and music exposure in this fun, extra class offered two days a week.
Children dancing
Emily Todt Emily Todt

Bonus Offerings

Child pretending to cook

Lunch Bunch

Lunch Bunch is offered Monday through Thursday until 1:00pm.

Children sitting in a basket

Early Drop Off

Early Drop Off is an option for families who need more flexible drop off time in the mornings. Drop off is between 8:15-9:00.

Children learning Spanish

Spanish with Ms. Vonna

Ms. Vonna offers Spanish instruction for children on Wednesday mornings at 8:25.

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